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My story

I love helping people. Always have. I have learned that sometimes 5 minutes of my life changes someone else’s entire life. I saw that in healthcare, I saw that in relationships, and I saw that in sales. I saw  what I said and did matter IF I could impact someone to make changes in their life.


But helper burnout is real, and I found myself knowing that I was living below my potential and not helping more people. I quit my job, began studying copywriting as a means impacting others. In doing so I discovered that I would have more of an impact as a speaker than I would ever have as a writer.



I started working on getting audiences, then COVID hit. Instead of backing down or quitting my dream, I pivoted, finished my bachelor's & master's degrees, honed my craft, and worked on myself. Coming out of a post COVID world I found myself hitting the gas on my dream and expanding it. Not only could I speak to the masses, I knew that I could help more people as I help the helpers. Those individuals who want to contribute but may be burnt out or who may feel they lack the presentation skills to make a bigger impact. I found myself not only speaking to groups but coaching others on how to present their ideas. And that’s what The Motivational Expert is all about: Relationships.

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Relationships are crucial and I am dedicated to helping relationships grow, develop, and bare fruit.

You're only one Presentation away!

-John Shakin

The Motivational Expert

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1.   Relationships

2. Health

3. Service in the


4. Fundraising

The Core Values of
The Motivational Expert

Expert Services

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Presentation Coaching

Presentation Coaching is a Unique form of Coaching. It utilizes the skills I learned during my Master's Program at Regent University Coaching. Then applies those Master Skills to build the Identity, Character, Exercises, and Skills of the client. Making them a Motivational Expert!

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Motivational Speaking

Presentations customized to speak to the hearts and minds of the audience. These deep conversations go beyond simple motivation and leave audiences captivated. Impactful presentations for impactful people. Utilizing neuroscience, psychology, history, and biology I illustrate lasting truths.

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Professional Training

Presentation and Executive Coaching at a Group or Organizational Level. Makes a conversation that helps build relationships and move ROI's for your group or organization. Offering both Presentation Coaching and Executive Coaching. 

“Johns approach to culture sensitivity training was innovative, refreshing and stimulating. Great presentation!."

Dr. Keith Rivers, President of the Pasquotank NAACP

I make Motivational Experts.

Want to be one?


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