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Capable - Small Steps Make Big Journeys

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Want to be capable? Many years ago, Julius Caesar stood near the coast of Britain again. This time the Brits were waiting for him. Spearmen, Chariots, and soldiers at the ready. He gave the order for his troops to disembark. They all stood still. The order was given again. No one moved.

That is, until one soldier made a few grumbling comments and then jumped into the water and starting moving up the beach. Seeing the courage of this lone man walking toward an army, and slightly ashamed, the rest of the army left their boats and headed up the beach. The conquest of Britain was now underway.

This was not the "first step". I, like you, am aware of the quote "the first step is the hardest". While true, you've already taken the first step. Like you, that soldier took a whole lot of steps before he even made it on the boat.

What he decided there was what we all need to decide, "What is our last step, is this it"? The last step is the most important. The last step is where we wind up.

The question is, "Where do you want to wind up?" Is it where you're at? Is it where you're going or are you confused at which way you're going? Life Coaching can help. Always the next step.

Because we all know the truth, you are Loved, Worthy, and Capable.


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