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And? The Most Important Word?

I believe in the famous "How to Win Friends and Influence People" the importance of AND instead of BUT is emphasized.

Just like with this bridge, the road before AND the bridge are essential to the vehicle passing safe from the rocks.

You can do well AND continue to do so.

You can reach your goals AND set new ones.

AND Helps You Own and Overcome

You have faults AND you have strengths. You have strengths AND you have faults. Whenever someone says to me "yea, but..." I cut them off, two truths can exist. You can be imperfect AND sufficient at the same time.

AND gives perspective. It gives ownership to you and puts you in the driver seat. It positions you in control AND maintains a sense of reality. Two truths can exist at the same time.

I can be bad at something AND be improving towards perfection. I can act in laziness AND still accomplished all my goals for the day. You can want to lie in bed AND still function when the day is still over.

Bringing balance into life is about being your own advocate. Pessimism only leads to "I accomplished this, but, it wasn't perfect". Its diminishing the value of what you've done AND cuts out the realism: two truths can exist simultaneously.

I like to say "optimism is realism". I can know I have faults and know that I am overcoming them

You can be worthy AND capable AND loved AND still suck AND that's okay. I can be happy. You can be happy.

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