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The Motivational Expert

 The Vision- Our Why

I envision a world where everyone feels loved, worthy, and capable. I know its a dream, but its the dream that I've made a passion. Therefore, I go beyond just teaching the skills of what makes a leader and instead, help develop the character and integrity of the leader and follower. This is important because I believe everyone has a leader in themselves. Most of all, I want to help helpers. 

Likability, Relatability, and Credibility - The How

To take action people need to feel Likability, Relatability, and Credibility towards their leaders. Our integrity and character speaks to all three of those simultaneously. Using Likability, Relatability, and Credibility we help create leaders and staff who lead by example in vision, integrity, empathy, and trust. These are all essential to helping others take action to benefit their lives and helping our helpers avoid burnout.  

Motivational Speaking, Coaching, and Consulting - The What

Motivational Speaking

Presentation Coaching

Leadership Consulting

Its about inspiring people to act, think, and feel better about life. Its about giving skills that help others discipline themselves to reach goals. Its about becoming a Motivational Expert!

Poor communication costs organizations thousands of dollars a year. Presentation Coaching will help you and your team communicate more effectively across the board. Making you a Motivational Expert!

Organizations promote from within. The Motivational Expert teaches these leaders how to coach, encourage, and inspire others to do their job better. The goal is to make them a Motivational Expert!

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John Shakin

The Motivational Expert

John has a unique way of blending truth and friendliness in a way that seems to bring out the best in everyone around him. 

 John has a Bachelor's in Professional Studies with certificates in Entrepreneurship, Business and Leadership Skills, and Social Media Marketing.

He is Currently receiving his Master's in Organizational Leadership from Regent.

He volunteers as a Mentor for the River City Youth Build and in local orginzations.


Elizabeth Shakin


Has managed multiple accounts over her career. These include a successful photography and rental property company.

 She graduated with a Bachelor's degree from BYU-Idaho in family and marriage studies. She lives with her husband and 3 wonderful boys. 


Tim Goytowski

Head Photographer

Founder of Born From the Ashes Photography. Tim brings a lifelong passion for nature and camera expertise to our team. 


Specializing in portraits, nature, and landscapes, Mr. Goytowski seems to take the perfect picture at all times. Mr. Goytowski is also the Sifu and Chief Instructor at Jade Rhino Martial Arts.  

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