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John Shakin

The Motivational Expert

I love people. I don't have access to the people you have access to . 

Its my passion to help people become better communicators. I think we all have something to add and contribute to this world and so many people are held back, not knowing how to communicate it. I'm on a mission to change that.

I finished my Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University and my Bachelor's in Professional Studies. I am currently getting my Doctorate in Strategic Leadership at Regent University

I live here in Elizabeth City North Carolina. In addition to being The Motivational Expert I also volunteer as the Elizabeth City Morning Rotary Club's Co-Director of Public affairs, Ward Emergency Preparedness at my local church, an ambassador for the Elizabeth City Chamber of Commerce and am the father of four wonderful boys.

Likability, Relatability, and Credibility - 

To take action people need to feel Likability, Relatability, and Credibility towards their leaders. Our integrity and character speaks to all three of those simultaneously. Using Likability, Relatability, and Credibility we help create leaders and staff who lead by example in vision, integrity, empathy, and trust. These are all essential to helping others take action to benefit their lives and helping our helpers avoid burnout.  

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